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The angle of his face saved me quite a lot of trouble in drawing and I have tried my best to add as many details as I can to John’s facial features.


Army doctor!John Watson is always fascinating XD. Now I have 7 pics left for dear Martin/John.


I made a really quick postcard to give out to any Sherlock nerds I meet at SDCC~ I’m not selling anything anywhere, I’m just going as a regular attendee, so you probably will not be able to find me haha; I’ll be going to SherlockeDCC on Thursday night for a little while (not the whole time) so that’s probs your best shot. If you see me just ask me for one, things don’t have to get awkward lol~ If you don’t know what I look like then IT JUST MAKES THE GAME MORE FUN I GUESS


PS THIS PRINT SHOP OVERNIGHTPRINTS IS PRETTY LEGIT I ordered these Sunday night and they arrived today, which is a rad turnaround time for custom printed stuff, v impressed

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